Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fashion with a pencil

Another inspirational artist: Esther Kim. She draws 'personal girlish drawings with narratives'. Her work captures 'l'air du temps' as she is formulating her vision on what it means to be a young woman in our society. Interested perspective:
i had no desirable role models and felt disgusted by the influence of mainstream ideals on the interactions of young men and women. i expressed my frustration through drawing. it was a channel for my spiteful and bitter feelings. i wanted to draw unattainably attractive women and i had two different messages. i wanted the male viewer to sense that these beautiful women would never talk to them. it was my attempt to belittle them for wanting only attractive females and worshipping the surface over the inner. as for females i wanted them to enjoy the images for the fashion, color and unapologetic girlishness. i wanted to convey a sense of camaderie and celebration. but i also wanted to show the dichotomy of elation and emptiness of the sense of empowerment young woman get from being considered attractive. i think it can be poisonous and that it is ultimately unfulfilling on its own. (Esther Kim)

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